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Migration from Informatica to Pentaho for a Logistics company

Need Migrate from Informatica to Pentaho (open source) within ~3 weeks Reduce Annual subscription costs of Informatica No documentation was available for the Informatica implementation and Pentaho platform Solution Strategy sessions with the customer on the data transformation required and reduced the compl...

Driving Sales through Analytics for a Pharma Company

Need Target a new customer segment while managing to avoid complexity and high overhead costs Solution Creation of a detailed, value-added database to drive more accurate customer valuations Automated data updates to avoid high maintenance & overhead costs Created a simple user interface that required...

Design and development of Analytics Platform for a Travel Product Company

Need Build an analytics platform designed to enable Tourist Boards or Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), OTAs and other players in the Travel industry to boost tourism traffic and revenue by employing intelligent analytical and measurement tools Solution Data Aggregation from multiple websites Data ...

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