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Application Support on Oracle for a Global Product Company

Need Provide L2, L3 application support on their warehouse management platform Transition from an existing vendor Solution Deployed a team with domain knowledge of the logistics domain Drew a detailed transition plan with clear milestones and dependencies Set up processes and tools to manage the support Agreed on S...

Application Support Services for a Telecom Operator

Need  Provide 24×7 application support for FI, CO, SD, MM, HR, SAP PORTAL Apps, Inhouse developed apps, interfaces with other systems, mobile applications Transition from existing vendor Solution Provided ‘Managed Service’ linked to SLAs Also set up a shared and experienced team to provide support at various ...

L2 Application Support for Healthcare Products

Need Provide L2 application support on Oracle products for Clinical Studies Support on 7 products – Inform, ICDS, OCEAN, Publisher, IVRS, LNMT, UMT Solution Transition was done in 4 weeks on the products Estimated a team of 6 persons who were cross-skilled across the 7 products. SOPs set up from managing ...

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