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Enhancement and Testing of Trade Valuation Application of a Financial Service Provider

Need IHS is the product used for Post trade valuations by “buy side”  clients like big investment banks and other customers across Asia, Europe and US to check the current status of trades they bought. The existing product was unable to handle large portfolios and volumes of trades resulting in loss of b...

Development and Testing of a Digital Payments Product

Need Product was developed using SCRUM methodology, the testing process need to be tuned to fit in to the development process Arttha, being a financial product, security was an important consideration, which had to be taken care of in each sprint release. Product was developed in 36 languages; the testing process need...

Automated Testing for a Large Financial Services Company

Need Substantial number of manual test cases. Release frequency: Once every two months. 200 web services to be tested with every release, with new web services added in every 500+ number of web-services to be tested 7000 manual test cases for web and desktop applications. Prioritization of test cases for auto...

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