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Development of PoC Hardware product

Need Development of a PoC HW product(a fully functional solution) by integrating  Aquaponics sensors with QUALCOMM NB-IoT modem chipset. The customer application use case of the PoC HW is meant for smart city project initiative of GOI. Demonstrate the PoC HW product with required software support to acquire sensor da...

Device Driver Development and Testing for a Telecom Provider

Need Development of High Gain and Very Low Noise System for High Frequencies Ensuring the functional robustness of the device driver Solution Introduction of NOISE signal to counter NOISE introduced by Power Amplifier Agile based development and synchronous testing. Lua based scripts for Unit & Functional Testin...

Development and Testing of a Provisioning Adapter for a large Telecom Product Company

Need Development of Provisioning service on the existing CRM Automation of Provisioning workflow and embedding the workflow as part of sales process Enabling Provisioning of service for ADSL, XDSL, VDSL, SHDSL with paired bonding modes. Solution Developed carrier specific provisioning adapter by integrating legacy ...

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