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The Hi-Tech industry is witnessing continuous product innovation and compliance adherence along with intense competition. Therefore, there is a need for an agile response to customer needs while trying to reduce costs and improve efficiency. The industry is making a move to integrate products with support services to create new and long-term revenue streams. The focus is on developing smarter products that interact with each other through the confluence of Mobility, IoT, Cloud, Social and Analytics and redefine the ways in which business is done. Under HiTech, we offer services to product companies in • defining the functional building block of the product (i.e. functional architecture) • designing minimalistic product-based road maps for faster rollouts and high scalability • defining right mix of open source technologies and products • continuous product integration, development and launches that keep our customer ahead of the competition We work with semiconductor, manufacturing and software product companies, helping them develop, implement and maintain their product suites. Our product engineering expertise integrates well with this segment and allows us to do cutting-edge work with digital technologies like cloud, mobility, IoT etc. and also implement the ERP, CRM kind of business solutions.


  • Test Automation for a Global Product Company

    Our client, a global product company had been conducting manual testing and their choice of automation tool had some inherent limitations. Our team categorized the test cases and features, according to the modules in Safety Product. With domain and product knowledge training to automation team, we automated more than 65% of the test cases.

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    Test Automation for a Global Product Company
  • Continuous Integration for a Large Real Estate Company

    A large real estate company required continuous integration in a developed code. The major challenge was to deal with a lot of crucial code merge issues in a limited time frame. We developed the automation scripts and executed the same. We used SVN for source control, Jenkins for CI and Selenium for automation. As a result, build deployment and validation effort was reduced by 80%. The delivery was accelerated by 80%.

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    Continuous Integration for a Large Real Estate Company
  • A Real Estate Portal

    A real estate company required testing of their portal. The major challenges faced during the process were inadequate functional documentation, lack of testing skills, time and resources. PureSoftware created effective regression test suites that were based on the relevance of test subjects. By adopting the early and often testing strategy, we were able to push the releases on time. The CSAT survey result was positive. Finally, a zero defect code was delivered into production.

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    A Real Estate Portal
  • Automation Test Framework for eNodeB for a Network Products Company

    A network products company required the building of an automation test framework for eNodeB. The business challenge was to design an ATF for testing eNB node as per the 3GGP specifications. The team designed a reusable and scalable framework for performance testing using J2EE and Perl technologies. PureSoftware was able to achieve 60% reduction in hardware investments, 95% usage of test setup usage and 80% reduction in team size.

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    Automation Test Framework for eNodeB for a Network Products Company
  • Device Driver Development and Testing

    PureSoftware was approached by a client for the development of device driver and its testing. The task at hand was to develop high gain and very low noise system for high frequencies. The team introduced NOISE signal in order to counter the NOISE introduced by the power amplifier. Agile based development was conducted along with synchronous testing. The driver was developed in time and was rolled out as part of client's LTE product suite.

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    Device Driver Development and Testing
  • IoT Based Asset Tracking and Monitoring

    One of our reputed clients had the challenge of managing and tracking asset movement on real time basis. At PureSoftware, we developed an IoT based asset tracking and monitoring solution, now used at all the multiple business locations like Shipping, IT, healthcare and Shopping malls, and assets movements are easily managed with accuracy in location.

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    IoT Based Asset Tracking and Monitoring
  • IoT Based Luggage Location Identification and Notification

    Our client, a respected Airliner, had problems with tracking customer luggage at the airport, which required lot of time and resources, sometimes lost luggage. Our team came up with an IoT based luggage location identification and notification solution which tracked, notified, even a single movement, via multiple notifications saving time and resources.

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    IoT Based Luggage Location Identification and Notification