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Narrow Band IoT (NB IoT) Solutions
to Overcome the Traditional IoT Challenges

Internet of Things is a disruptive innovation that is increasingly finding its place in almost every walk of our lives. However, there are situations where unleashing the raw power of connected devices is difficult because of the underlying challenges. These challenges are associated with poor connectivity and connection bandwidth, short battery lives of the devices, and difficulty in battery replacement due to the physical placement of the devices in the hard-to-reach places, such as high temperature systems, underground or underwater systems and other areas with difficulty in access.

NB IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) addresses these challenges by improving the connection efficiency, power consumption and system capacity of the devices. In order to ensure a wide, secured and low-cost connectivity, it rides on the cellular networks and is able to utilize the standard LTE connectivity.

How We Can Help – Our NB-IoT Solution

Our teams have poured their rich experience in IoT, embedded systems, and telecom in order to build a solution that:

Delivers to the promise of the error-free operation in remote areas unattended for several years

Ensures the optimum power consumption of the devices. This enables devices to operate for up to 10 years on a single charging cycle

Leverages the security and access control capabilities of the telecom operators and from other IoT platforms

Interacts with a cloud server for data interchange, ensuring a continuous availability of data for various analytical and reporting purposes

Solution Overview

PureSoftware NB-IoT solution kit is based on the module which has QualComm NB-IoT modem chipset and an ARM-based application processor. Whereas this solution uses batteries for power and ensures a minimal power consumption, it supports multiple communication technologies such as EGPRS(GSM), 4G and “NB1+CAT M1”. From an integration perspective, we have chosen Arduino-Nano as the user board that enables the solution to utilize various open source sensor software libraries and development tools.  The Arduino-Nano microcontroller interacts with the MI (Modem Interface) module over the serial interface.

Note: This solution has been successfully tested for several bands of spectrum in India and other countries within the Asia Pacific (APAC) region

Popular Applications of PureSoftware NB-IoT Solution

The number of scenarios where our NB-IoT solution serves with perfection is growing rapidly. It has already been tested
and qualified to be suitable for the following use-cases:

Given the immense importance of NB-IoT and the versatility of our solution, we are testing our solution with several industry verticals.
We are also able to offer custom solutions in NB-IoT for address the challenges associated with the regular IoT landscapes.





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