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Companies must maintain mature products that bring value to customer expectations. However, technology  is changing at a fast pace and product portfolio must be upgraded and transformed to embrace cloud-native architectures and customer experience expectations. Companies must find successful strategies to extend the life of products and meet the needs of modern applications for usability, operational efficiency –to deliver revenue uplift and improve market positioning.

With our unique Product Sustenance Services and full scope product support services we help client’s extent the life of core products, improve the performance of core and amplify market relevance, revenue potential and profitability. We develop product roadmaps that leverage modern technologies and development methodologies, allowing customers to focus on investments in their new product portfolios which are paid for by the improved financial performance of their mature products.

Our Product Sustenance services include:

  • Product Based Service Extensions: White Labeling / SaaS
  • Professional Services
  • L1-L4 Technical Support
  • Sustenance Engineering/ Bug Fixes





Events and Webinars

Singapore Fintech Festival

Date: 13-17 Nov 2017 | Location: Expo, Singapore

Global Gaming Expo

Date: 3-5th Oct 2017 | Location: Las Vegas, USA

Linaro Connect SFO 17

Date: 25-29th Sep, 2017 | Location: San Francisco, USA

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