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The advent of Cloud models has led to a significant improvement in customer experience, accelerating business outcomes and compressing effort across the business process.

PureSoftware is successfully operating a cloud-based mobile banking service for three years. We have significant experience in enabling business services on cloud and seamlessly scaling these services to millions of users.

PureSoftware partners with Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon and others, enabling clients to implement cloud-based solutions quickly.


  • Arttha Cloud Based Mobile Banking

    Our banking client needed mobile banking application, supporting multiple banks, multiple payment modes, with secure banking and payment transactions, easy for illiterates and semi-literates, workable without the internet. Mobile application created by our Team supported multiple mobile platforms, secured by binding application with mobile IMEI number, easy to recall and use single screen transaction, and communication fallbacks to encrypted SMS without the internet.

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    Arttha Cloud Based Mobile Banking