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ERP Implementation and Rollouts

A number of companies are adopting COTS (Commercial Off the Shelf) applications to meet their business requirements. These include applications in the area of ERP, CRM, SCM, BPM etc.

PureSoftware has strategic partnerships with leading market players and has also built expertise in a number of these COTS applications like Oracle, SAP, Ramco, SFDC etc.  We are providing implementation and roll-out services across the above areas


  • Argus Safety Upgrade and Implementation for a Japanese Pharma

    A Japanese pharma required an Argus safety upgrade and implementation. The major business challenge was to upgrade the old version of Argus security to version 7.0.2, implement Argus safety in Japanese, move all the system in Japanese to Argus safety and create a global workflow. In order to carry out the whole process with utmost efficiency, we created a new setup of Argus 7.0.3 with clean configuration and migrated only the good data from the earlier version 5.0.2. The end result was a consolidation of Japanese and English case processing along with reduced cost per case spent by the company.

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    Argus Safety Upgrade and Implementation for a Japanese Pharma