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IoT has opened a new world where devices seamlessly interact with each other to gather, store, and process data. This helps boost productivity, generate new revenue streams, enhance security or radically transform your service support and more.

We have expertise in developing scalable IoT solutions, for Smart Energy Management, Logistics Industry, Wearables devices and Healthcare, using proven technologies like Kaa, OpenIoT and IoTivity. 


  • IoT Based Asset Tracking and Monitoring

    One of our reputed clients had the challenge of managing and tracking asset movement on real time basis. At PureSoftware, we developed an IoT based asset tracking and monitoring solution, now used at all the multiple business locations like Shipping, IT, healthcare and Shopping malls, and assets movements are easily managed with accuracy in location.

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    IoT Based Asset Tracking and Monitoring
  • IoT Based Waste Management

    Our client, who was into garbage management, faced problems of disorder, untimely removal, and unaware manpower on the quantum of garbage. We at PureSoftware developed a system monitoring garbage levels in bins real time, notify drivers, with the shortest route, unattended bins, and analyzed data location wise. Reducing fuel consumption cost, optimal usage of resources, time, and be responsible institute.

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    IoT Based Waste Management
  • IoT Based Multi-Level Car Parking Management

    One of our clients had issues in multilevel car parking as users couldn’t locate the car, empty parking. Checking levels and notifying customer required resources. We at PureSoftware, developed an IoT based multilevel car parking solution, providing in-out movement of vehicles at each level, notifying users, informing empty space, automated fee, enhancing customer experience, management, and an automated bill.

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    IoT Based Multi-Level Car Parking Management
  • IoT Based Luggage Location Identification and Notification

    Our client, a respected Airliner, had problems with tracking customer luggage at the airport, which required lot of time and resources, sometimes lost luggage. Our team came up with an IoT based luggage location identification and notification solution which tracked, notified, even a single movement, via multiple notifications saving time and resources.

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    IoT Based Luggage Location Identification and Notification