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Application Support and Maintenance Services

PureSoftware takes a business-aligned approach even for the support and maintenance services. Our focus is to pre-empt and eliminate any business disruption through automated monitoring and continuously reduce the technical debt of an application through maintenance cycles.

We use best practices like robotics automation to accelerate resolutions and use best practices of LEAN/KANBAN, Shift Left etc. to compress effort and reduce cost year on year. We are able to provide a 24x7 support and drive it as a ‘managed service’.


  • Application Support and Maintenance for a Telecom Operator

    Our leading Telecom client had been facing issues with the incumbent vendor and wanted a flexible and responsive team to provide managed services for SAP applications. With zero business impact during the transition, we provided ITIL compliant, 24X 7, managed services to the client. Our team has been meeting committed SLAs, providing faster resolution to issues and have been able to optimize costs by 20% in comparison to the previous contract.

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    Application Support and Maintenance for a Telecom Operator
  • L2 Application Support for Healthcare Products

    Our client required L2 application support on seven different Oracle products for clinical studies. Our cross product experienced team was able to quickly transition knowledge and establish an ITIL compliant L2 support for the client. Throughout the engagement we were able to achieve improved CSAT scores, reduce the Average Resolution Time, meet and improve SLAs month on month basis and reduce incident backlogs by 50%.

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    L2 Application Support for Healthcare Products