Industrial automation imperatives:

Industry 4.0 represents a revolution in industrial automation, and its continued growth presents organizations with several imperatives. Companies must ensure they are equipped to make the most of the opportunities offered by this new era in manufacturing. First and foremost, businesses need to invest in the latest digital technologies, such as sensors, 3D printing and robotics. By incorporating these technologies, companies can ensure their manufacturing processes are more efficient and cost-effective.

Organizations should also focus on process automation and optimization. They must leverage the latest tools such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics to increase process efficiency and reduce manual labor. Additionally, organizations must invest in cyber security measures to protect their systems as well as data. Industry 4.0 also requires that companies develop an agile approach to production that allows them to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Businesses must have the ability to rapidly respond to customer demand, while meeting quality and cost requirements.

Download the report now and get access to market potential and trends that will drive the evolution and growth in connectivity besides their impact on Industrial automation:
  • 5G networks will drive a noticeable jump in speed and reliability across the world
  • More Focus on Automation with 5G powered drones, robots, and connected vehicles
  • Explosion of new applications, services, and products for a better user experience
  • Connected products and services such as security systems, smart homes, and more
  • Unprecedented speeds, low-latency connections and increased bandwidth

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