Data Analytics to Turn Information into Actionable Insights

Every second, 2.5 quintillion bytes of information is generated to such an extent that about 90% of the existing data in the world has been generated in the last two years itself.

Surprisingly, 80% of the information existing in the world has not been structured. The rise in the growth of unstructured information is 15 times the rate of structured information. We are witnessing phenomenal growth in raw computational power, which is directly bringing about a rise in data analytics services.

What We Do

Customer insights, customer segmentation based on market demands and buy and sell behavior analysis using big data analytics solutions are areas of strength for PureSoftware. This is used as real-time analytics solutions. We help companies design and execute their information management strategy, compliance, and decision-making solutions.

Our Approach

In data analytics services, data is the basic building block of everything. Over this humongous set of data, the analysis is performed, the reports are built, the optimizations are derived, and the buyer persona is recognized.

Data Warehousing

Arranging the data in unstructured formats at different levels and in diverse sources makes information management quite difficult for organizations. Data Warehousing (DW) addresses these problem areas by unleashing the hidden value in information assets to simplify the informed decision-making process.

At PureSoftware, we provide enterprise best decision-making solutions to experience the power of data warehousing.. We provide the best decision-making solutions. Maintaining a proper data warehouse is essential to deliver relevant insights and make good business decisions. We take the lead in implementing a primary data warehouse that efficiently manages the data to ensure its timely availability.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy is the most integral part of Big data analytics solutions. You might have encountered cases where you found your organization collecting, analyzing or sharing personal data. In such cases, you tend to be facing data privacy issues that put your data at serious risk. With an increased awareness of the effect of personal data collection and usage, growing regulation or new security troubles, lots of companies are finding ways to successfully handle personal information throughout its lifecycle. Privacy is extremely crucial, and you need to safeguard your brand. In case you are not ready to agree with the expanding number of global data privacy laws like GDPR, you could be leaving your company exposed to major business hazards.

Data Ingestion

With a methodical and well-organized data ingestion pipeline like ours, you can cleanse your data or add timestamps to it during ingestion with no downtime. You might be having a variety of sources with different big data types and schemas, but a nicely designed data ingestion pipeline always assists you in removing the complexity that exists in bringing these sources together.

We help you import data from hundreds of data sources into your cloud data warehouse and translate from an on-premise schema like Oracle, to whatever schema you are using in your data warehouse. You’ll also receive assistance in inferring the schema from the big data structure. This will help you save money through the automation of several processes that are costly and time-consuming, hence reducing the infrastructure cost. While performing these actions, data security has always been a major concern. The good thing is that security is in the DNA of our platform and an area we have gained mastery over.

Data Governance

Our services cover data quality, data management, data policies, and risk process management related to data management within an organization. As a part of our service offering, we construct a data governance maturity model that is customized to sync to the requirements of various customers. Hence, the data warehouse is a crucial component for the success of a Business Intelligence System.

“The goal is to turn data into information and information into insight.” Carly Fiorina, Former CEO, Hewlett Packard.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

PureSoftware delivers superb integrated Business Intelligence/Analytics, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization, ETL and Big Data Solutions. We support our clients speed up on the decision-making process by leveraging their big data from contrasting sources into a singular data repository that is compatible across all apps and is delivered with the help of user-friendly reports and dashboards.

Business INTELLIGENCE Easier accessibility and sharing Real time analysis& quick navigation Improvement in decisionmaking process Reduction is risk ofbottlenecks Waste identificationin the system

Our team sticks to working with the clients to check and plan on how to find out hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other important information from their big data across the organization. We execute big data solutions to aid our clients to reap business benefits through effective marketing campaigns, revenue opportunities, improved customer service delivery, more efficient operations, and other competitive advantages that help them make wiser business decisions.

With the use of various analytics platforms like Business Objects, Cognos, Informatica, Pentaho, Boomi, SSRS/SSIS/SSAS, PowerBI, and Tableau, we have provided game-changing insights to our clients that normally lie hidden behind heaps of data.

We handle the vital usage of abundant data present with you to reach appropriate conclusions and better business decisions through big data solutions. More than that, we also perform the processes of cleansing, scrutinizing, structuring, and transforming data with the aim of discovering the data which is advantageous for the website.

Our Real-time analytics solutions will convert your customers’ data into actionable insights. Wish to know more about our Business Intelligence and Data Analytics services? Connect with us here.