Application Support & Maintenance

Application Support & Maintenance Services

Our application support and maintenance services focus on preempting issues, systemically eliminating effort, optimizing the workforce & transforming the application portfolio with digital solutions.

  • volve from reactive to preemptive by leveraging real-time knowledge and predictive models to eliminate business disruption
  • Understand business needs and KPIs and provide an agile response to issues
  • Deploy automation and innovative practices to compress and eliminate effort and drive year on year cost reductions

Key Highlights of our Application Support and Maintenance proposition

  • Services delivered 24×7 through a global delivery model
  • Service standardization through best in class processes aligned to ITIL, CMMI, COBIT
  • Bring in heavy automation to drive year on year efficiencies
  • Metrics driven service and performance management
  • Non-linear pricing models for cost predictability
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