Empowered India’s leading telecom operator with high-speed communications by deploying high-frequency Arttha5G Radio Unit

We helped our client design band n78 massive MIMO 5G Radio Unit based on O-RAN 7.2x split with minimum cost, size, and weight

Business Problem

Our client, one of India’s leading telecommunication operators, intended to design a high-frequency band n78 5G Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) Radio Unit (RU), based on ORAN 7.2x split, with minimum cost, size, and weight. They wanted to deploy the new Radio Units featuring higher output and wider bandwidth.

Business Analysis

We connected with the client’s team to gather all their requirements and understand the need for a 5G solution in detail. We analyzed their problem and created a customized plan to help the client efficiently design a high-frequency 5G Radio Unit based on an O-RAN 7.2x split.

PureSoftware Solution

To help our client in their goal to deliver high-speed, high-capacity communication between a wider range of terminals, we formed a dedicated 5G team with our most experienced engineers. Our 5G team architected ORAN 7.2x split based full-dimensional (FD) massive MIMO, Category-B (CAT-B) Arttha5G Radio Unit with least component counts.

Full dimensional massive MIMO allowed antennas to convert transmitted signals into 3-dimensional virtual beams, enabling our client to significantly reduce interference from overlapping transmissions and increase the signal’s strength. With band n78 full dimensional massive MIMO 5G Radio Unit, we were able to significantly reduce cost, size and lower the thermal profile to manage weight using NXP silicon’s chipset.


With our innovative Arttha5G RU solution, the client was able to:

Significantly reduce costs in comparison to their old Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) based solutions where costs were incredibly high

Create deep value for their brand considering their massive deployments plans

Successfully increase the signal's strength by reducing interference from overlapping transmissions to other receivers