Enabled Taiwan’s leading electronic device manufacturer plan a time-efficient 5G base station rollout for multiple Japanese telecom operators

We helped a leading Taiwanese original device manufacturer deploy mmWave for 32T32R massive MIMO configuration in the APAC market

Business Problem

Our client, one of Taiwan’s leading electronic device manufacturers, wanted to address new customer product initiatives for the global market, especially the APAC region. They were facing problems in deploying millimeters wave (mmWave) for 32T32R massive multiple-input/multiple-output (mMIMO) configuration. They wanted to help multiple Japanese operators plan 5G base station rollout in conformance with the newly designed FR2 RF front-end solution to meet their stringent timelines.

Business Analysis

Our Arttha5G team connected with the client to know their requirements in detail. We analyzed their problem and looked for ways to solve them. Our team created a customized strategy based on an agile approach to help the client smoothly deploy mmWave for 32T32R massive MIMO for Japanese operators.

PureSoftware Solution

We created a dedicated 5G team to help our client accomplish their vision. We implemented PureSoftware’s globally trusted Arttha5G Radio Unit (RU) software for Fronthaul and DFE (option 7.2x) to address the throughput performance for a 32T32R massive MIMO configuration. Our NXP-based chipset also supported digital and analog beamforming. The 32T32R massive MIMO allowed the client to deliver increased per-carrier and cell-edge capacity, extending overall coverage by offering high spectrum efficiency. We also tested all the Internet of Things (IoT) requirements, including yang models for operations, administration, and maintenance (OAM).


Our client trusted our Arttha5G offerings on performance and innovation aspects, and with this collaboration, they were able to:

Evaluate the software releases on their custom hardware platform

Quickly meet cost and solution rollout for multiple end customers

Provide higher spectral efficiency to multiple Japanese operators with 32T32R M-MIMO

Successfully test system level, IOT, and radio frequency (RF) requirements