About the report

Arvose SectorBriefTM on digital lending commissioned by Arttha is a comprehensive study of the digital lending and credit market uncovering top opportunities and key strategies to succeed in it.  The research includes a detailed analysis of the current digital lending landscape, including market size and trends, emerging technologies, best practices and strategies used by industry leaders.

 The report will help you

  • Gain key insights into digital lending and credit market
  • Understand top trends in the digital lending market
  • Know the impact of digital lending on the banks and the customers
  • Uncover key opportunities in the digital lending market
  • Discover critical strategies to future-proof SME lending business
  • Get detailed analysis of SME financing across APAC and Africa


The digital lending report is a must read for:

  • Banks, FinTechs and financial institutions
  • SMEs, investors and startups
  • Venture capitals and private equities
  • Consultants, academics and researchers
  • Government agencies and regulators

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