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“In 2020, software robotics, virtual agents, chatbots, RPA and  machine learning-based decision management will replace more than a million knowledge-work jobs.” – Forrester

With the world advancing technologically, the role of automation is also strengthening. Enterprises are automating almost everything for unparalleled business success. A growing number of organizations are deploying emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Some organizations have a clear objective backed by a powerful strategy and execution place, while others are moving forward with an idea of experimentation.

Why Automate?

Automation is rapidly heading towards becoming an omnipresent element with advancing technology letting people automate almost everything. The scalable benefits of automation to modern enterprise range from simplifying human activities to reducing operational costs. An enterprise of any size and nature can automate its processes and enhance performance significantly.

We have jot down the key reasons why you should consider automating your business.

  • To drive operational momentum
  • To schedule tasks and improve workflow efficiencies
  • To cut down monotonous tasks
  • To boost employee productivity
  • To drive cost-efficiency
  • Augment ongoing business development

Going further, let’s discuss what all you can automate to drive the growth of your business. With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, you can automate everything. However, it majorly depends on how automation can reinvent your business and affect your organization’s goals and objectives.

Automating everything is mainly about absorbing the automation culture in the organization’s roots. The vision behind it is to create powerful automated solutions for allowing enterprises to provide differentiated customer experiences while meeting business needs at the same time. With this approach, companies with intensive automated solutions can experience optimum organization productivity and efficiency.

PureSoftware has an integrated and unique approach to automation. We consider automation as a primary component of different aspects of an organization, ranging from business processes, customer experience, application, testing, infrastructure, and data. However, the automated activities, the technologies and tools used, the different implementation processes, and the synergies that you will reap differs from aspect to aspect.

Here are some of the aspect you can consider automating to start with:

  • Infrastructure– Automation is paving the way for developers to rapidly provision new environments. With automation, they can get a web server up in a matter of minutes, not days.
  • Data– The monotonous and repetitive task of manual data entry requires a huge amount of human assets and carries high chances of human error. Automating data processes will save time, resources and ensure accuracy.
  • Testing– In the fast-paced software development environment, test automation has emerged as a big time and cost saver. Automation in testing enables more tests execution in less time, in a cost-effective and precise manner.
  • Customer experience- Automation is prominently assisting companies in elevating the customer experience and allowing them to focus more on high-touch customer interactions. Businesses are leveraging technology like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to better understand customer requisites and behavior.

How PureSoftware can help you automate your business?

Businesses considering a digital transformation with a pinch of automation or are seeking a digital workforce can consider opportunities with PureSoftware. Our gamut of services and solutions including AI, ML, and IoT among others are designed to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation.   


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