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Enabling companies to deliver a delightful gaming experience to customers with bug-free games tested by us

The gaming industry is growing at a fast pace, but not every game launched succeeds. Gamers, these days, are more demanding than ever. They want everything to be perfect, from the excellent sound effects to appealing graphics and easy-to-use interface. However, getting everything right in the first place is impossible, so testing your game is very important.

PureSoftware is one of the leading Game Testing Service Providers. We understand the prerequisites required for each platform, mobile, desktop, and consoles. Our experts are highly skilled and experienced, to check every detail.

At PureSoftware, we leverage the most advanced technologies and tools to test everything required to make a game up and run smoothly. Based on the best automation and manual testing practices, we offer comprehensive game testing solutions that help identify and fix all types of errors, in your AAA, Indie, online and casino games.

Benefits of PureSoftware Game Testing Services

Gaming is a complicated process and ensuring that everything you have designed and developed is functionally correct, in adherence with the manufacturer’s compliance guidelines, is perfectly localized into the target region, is really important before the launch.

High Performance

Our Game testing Services improve the game’s overall performance by removing the bugs and errors to ensure a delightful gaming experience.


We understand that casino games involve third-party integrations like payments and need to be error-free. Our experienced testers deliver solutions just right!

Version Control

Our quality assurance experts deliver the best-quality games with no code errors, bottlenecks, and inconsistencies to work on in the next version.

Enhanced User Experience

We leverage the latest technology for Game testing to ensure no feature lags, delivering an excellent overall user experience.

Game Testing Services We Offer

Being a top-rated Game Testing Company, we offer comprehensive Game Testing Solutions and
Services to cater to the growing need for bug-free games and a smooth gaming experience.

Functional Testing

Our comprehensive functional testing services ensure that your game is as per the design document and functioning well.

Performance Testing

Our game performance testers improve the overall game’s performance by testing various metrics, such as frame rate, network usage, offline compatibility, and storage usage, etc.

GUI testing

We perform rigorous testing to ensure a uniform gaming interface across all the devices to enhance user experience.

Compliance Testing

We ensure that your game adheres to the different regulations provided by the manufacturers and clears the submission at the first go.

Casino Games testing

Our Game testing experts make sure that your casino game complies with different jurisdictional laws that differ from region to region.

Compatibility Testing

Our compatibility testing team ensures the stability of your game and validates optimal performance in the supported hardware as well.

Installation Testing

To help developers identify and rectify compiling errors, we ensure that the game is ready to install with all its inherent features.

Online Games testing

Online games can be tricky, and our expert game testers ensure the smooth and effortless functioning of these internet-based games.

AR/VR/MR Testing

AR/VR is ruling the gaming industry. We have the latest hardware and leverage the best testing practices at our dedicated workspace to ensure that these games offer a smooth user experience and do no lag anywhere.

Security Testing

Online games are highly vulnerable to virus attacks, and we identify and address such vulnerabilities across gaming, revenue, integration in advance.

What Differentiates Us!

To ensure the best possible outcome, we follow a very streamlined approach in all our Game testing solutions and services.

Build Verification Testing

We run quite a few tests on a newly built game to ensure that the game developed is stable for further testing.

Smoke Testing

Our quality assurance experts ensure that all the preliminary tests are done to determine any sorts of failures in the software.

Detailed Testing

Our experts perform comprehensive testing using manual and automation methods to find failures and bugs.

Detailed End Report

Once we have tested your game, we prepare a detailed report covering all the aspects to ensure the smooth functioning of your game.

Bug Reporting

Being the top Game testing solution providers, we use the best EoD formats and bug tracking tools to log any bugs and report them to the developers.

Technology Stack We Use

We leverage the latest tools and best practices to deliver fast and accurate results.

Logs and Installation

Testing Tools

Why Choose PureSoftware for Game testing?

  • Secured Testing Labs.
  • We take deadlines seriously.
  • Transparency throughout the project.
  • 24/7 availability for client interaction.
  • No emulators or simulators are used.
  • Efficient and cost-effective testing strategies.
  • Great game testing COE (Center of Excellence).
  • Dedicated communication experts for each project.
  • Powerful In-House support for ALM tools like JIRA.
  • All Mobile games/apps will be tested on the real devices only.
  • Expert testers for all platforms like Mobile gaming, PC gaming, and Console games.

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