Data and Analytics Consulting Services

Helping businesses address their biggest challenges with solutions that unlock the potential of data

An unprecedented amount of data is generated every year. If utilized properly, this data can open numerous new opportunities for businesses looking for digital reinvention.

Data, Analytics, and Business Intelligence (BI) help businesses create an intelligent workflow for better decision-making and help them automate their operations end-to-end to discover new ways of running a business.

PureSoftware’s Data and Analytics Consulting Services help businesses follow a streamlined and data-driven approach, extract most out of the data, and turn them into new business opportunities. We house some of the best data consultants, who, with their technical expertise and deep industry knowledge, help businesses understand what customers want, find out their underlying problem and transform it to their advantage.

What We Do

With so much data being produced, extracting what’s important gets a bit difficult sometimes. With our Analytics Consulting Services, we help businesses reinvent intelligent solutions using AI and study consumer behavior. Our big data analytics solutions offer a deeper insight into the market for improved customer experience.

We help companies design and execute their information management strategy, compliance, and decision-making solutions. Our data and analytics consulting services allow businesses to make the right decision and create a new ecosystem for better opportunities and meeting new business demands.

Our Data Analytics Consulting Services

Data Warehousing

Maintaining a proper data warehouse is essential to deliver relevant insights and make good business decisions. We help businesses segregate between structured and unstructured data and stack them properly with our competitive data analytics consulting services. Our big data analytics solutions lead to implementing a primary data warehouse that efficiently manages the data to ensure its timely availability. Data Warehousing (DW) is a perfect solution for businesses struggling with maintaining data and helps them simplify the informed decision-making process.

Data Privacy

One of the most crucial things that almost every business struggle with is data privacy. Data privacy is extremely vital for businesses to safeguard their brand. If you do not follow the prevention measures while sharing or organizing your data, you might put your business at serious risk. Our big data analytics solutions help companies to overcome the fear of losing data and help them share it safely. Our solutions help businesses comply with almost every global data privacy regulation and help them in successfully finding and mapping their sensitive data.

Data Ingestion

Data ingestion is the best way to find from where the data originated, especially the unstructured data. Keeping an eye on the data flow, i.e., its origin and where it is stored, makes it easy for businesses to utilize it to the fullest. Our big data analytics solutions help companies detect the data source, analyze it, and detect any change. A nicely designed data ingestion pipeline assists in removing the complexities involved in data processing and allows you to add timestamps for easy data mapping.

Data Governance

In a large organization, where every minute a substantial amount of data is being stored, organizations need some discipline to ensure data safety. Determining who can manage data and defining its path is very important. Being a top-rated data analytics consulting service provider, we help businesses handle data with utmost care. With our big data analytics solutions, we assist companies to govern enterprise data to alleviate any risk. We ensure data availability, usability, and security for smooth operations.

Our Technology Stack

Our analytics consultant uses trailblazing tools and technologies to provide robust and secure solutions.

Big Data

Hadoop | Mahout | Apache Pig | Ab Initio

Data Warehousing

Netezza | Oracle | Azure HDInsight

Data Migration Services

ETL | Informatica PowerCenter | Informatica Siperian | SSIS | Pentaho

Data Mining

Machine Learning | HDInsight | Apache Storm | Apache Spark | R & Python | Data Lake Analytics

DataBase Management

SQL Server | MySQL | PostgreSQL | MariaDB | NoSQL – MongoDB, DocumentDB, Azure Tables, Neo4j

Reporting & Visualisation:

IBM Cognos | Qlikview | Qliksense | TM1 | Informatica | Tableau | PowerBI | SSIS | SSRS | SSAS | Pentaho | Business Objects | OBI EE

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Form all sorts of data created every day, we help businesses analyze them and turn them into actionable insights. Our Business Intelligence Solutions allow companies to systematically collect and store the data so that it is easily accessible for real-time assessment and can help them make the right decisions.

At PureSoftware, we have an immensely talented team of Data Scientists and Consultants that leverages the power of advanced AI and Machine Learning to investigate the past data and help businesses answer future questions.

Our business analytics solutions help you identify the latest trends and utilize them for better business opportunities and offer a delighted customer experience. With our advanced approach and cutting-edge technology, we provide a detailed insight into what’s happening and what can be done to maximize your business value.

Why Choose Us

Being a leading analytics consulting service provider, we understand the problems faced by
companies and create a customized solution for them.

Industry Domain Expertise

We cater to many industries, including Telecom, BFSI, Insurance, and Healthcare, and provide the best data and analytics consulting services to businesses.

Timely Delivery

Leveraging our cutting-edge business analytics solutions, we help clients make real-time decisions for better business opportunities.

Result Driven Approach

We house some of the best data analytics and data scientists that follow a result-driven approach to deliver the best results.

Technical Expertise

Our consultants leverage their extensive knowledge and the latest technologies to deliver solutions tailored for your business needs.

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