Design and development of Analytics Platform for a Travel Product Company

November 3, 2017 | Published by


  • Build an analytics platform designed to enable Tourist Boards or Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), OTAs and other players in the Travel industry to boost tourism traffic and revenue by employing intelligent analytical and measurement tools


  • Data Aggregation from multiple websites
  • Data Filtering – define the relevant data and scrap the data using text analytics
  • Data Profiling – Identify most relevant information using Machine Learning and Store relevant data in Document DB
  • Build an Analytics and Rules Engine – Identify the relationship between data elements. Define the profiles for the identified data. Generate and store various Indexes in GraphDB
  • Web APIs – User interface to view Analytical Insights. Expose the indexes to Tableau & Expose indexes over APIs


  • Customers monitor the performance of destination on a domestic, intra-regional and international level and provide insightful visual analytics of Origin-Destination patterns, worldwide.