Development and Testing of a Provisioning Adapter for a large Telecom Product Company

June 3, 2019 | Published by


  • Development of Provisioning service on the existing CRM
  • Automation of Provisioning workflow and embedding the workflow as part of sales process
  • Enabling Provisioning of service for ADSL, XDSL, VDSL, SHDSL with paired bonding modes.


  • Developed carrier specific provisioning adapter by integrating legacy & new hardware to scale up broadband capacity to end subscribers on existing subscriber lines
  • Solution provided was based on pluggable adapter per service and per operator
  • Offered solution supported language based on J2EE on lightweight Jetty AS
  • Solution can be integrated with OSS, ASMA Cards, ISAM Cards using JN


  • Increased network efficiency and broadband capacity
  • Enabled faster processes with the help of automation