IoT Driven Smart Lighting solution for a leading LED lights Manufacturer

March 7, 2018 | Published by


  • Client is a LED lights manufacturer who was looking for a partner to develop an IOT based mobile app for their consumers to provide an IoT based Smart Lighting Solution.


PureSoftware developed the IoT based lighting solution with the following features:

  • Managed RGB and warm & cool types of lighting devices with a single touch of mobile.
  • Leveraged Qualcomm based SDKs
  • Managed multiple devices via Groups and Scenes. Groups broadcasted a single command to a set of devices whereas scenes broadcast multiple commands to a set of devices.
  • Devices were enabled to inter-connect through BLE Mesh (Bluetooth) or via Wi-Fi.
  • Implemented a feature to operate the devices through voice commands.


  • Devices can be controlled through a single touch
  • Made compatible with iOS and Android platforms
  • No additional wiring or communication equipment required
  • Reduced the production support cost via hosting the backend solution over cloud