Development of PoC Hardware product

December 4, 2017 | Published by


  • Development of a PoC HW product(a fully functional solution) by integrating  Aquaponics sensors with QUALCOMM NB-IoT modem chipset.
  • The customer application use case of the PoC HW is meant for smart city project initiative of GOI.
  • Demonstrate the PoC HW product with required software support to acquire sensor data and transmit upstream over LTE 4G and NB-IoT and provide the supporting Cloud server update in real-time.
  • A cost effective and quick turnaround of the PoC HW solution using available sensors and supporting Microcontrollers.


  • We identified SoC supplier who provide product based on QUALCOMM NB-IoT modem supporting multiband (Band-3 and Band-8 for India and APAC respectively) and multi-standard (EGPRS, 4G-LTE and NB-IOT (CAT-M1 and NB1))
  • Choose a proven, commercial and low power Microcontroller (MCU) to acquire sensor, digitize the sensor data,  transfer to modem chipset.
  • A power efficient solution to configure the system to go on sleep/power-down-recovery mode and able to work on batteries.   The solution is expected to work in remote areas on batteries unattended for years.
  • Initial sensor calibration and then handle it in MCU for automatic calibration
  • Handle the required Cloud support using REST API with modem to upstream the data.
  • Cloud data storage for 24x7x365.
  • Prediction analysis of cloud data using custom designed Dashboard
  • Alarm support, diagnostic,  watchdog support
  • firmware upgrade Over The Air(OTA)
  • Provide PoC HW solution using QUALCOMM NB-IoT using more than one supplier to confirm the solution consistency and debug support
  • Validate the PoC NB-IoT modem functionality using radio test equipment (from Anritsu) at customer location


  • Quick turnaround to deliver PoC HW boxes for customer trade show
  • Have been able to handle all the technical and logistics  intricacies, procurement, development, debug and aquaponic sensor details without impacting the customer’s routine productivity