Digital Accessibility Services

Digital Accessibility Services

As regulations for accessibility becomes more comprehensive, it is the right time to adapt and improve the accessibility of your products. Digital Accessibility is crucial as organizations are seeing accessibility requirements enforced more often and seriously. It creates a secure technological system for digital components so that everyone can have the same user experience across different types of digital components.

PureSoftware offers End-to-End Digital Accessibility Services that ensure your web applications, proprietary software, business process, and electronic documents are accessible to everyone.

We work with our clients to ensure that their software, applications, and documents are usable by people with disabilities and meet the ADA, WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 standards.

Learn how our services can make impactful progress on your road to meet the Accessibility guidelines.

Digital Accessibility service is driven by PureAccessible, a subsidiary of PureSoftware. PureAccessible empowers organizations around the globe to create an accessible experience where digital assets can be made readily accessible to people with visual and cognitive disabilities.

Accessibility Assessment

Areas covered:

Mobile audit

Ensure that your mobile applications for websites comply with the accessibility standards.

Accessibility audit

Website, application, document or mobile accessibility evaluation and QA for Section 508 compliance and WCAG 2.0 compliance.

Risk review and gap analysis

Risk review and gap analysis – A high-level assessment to understand the current state of your product’s accessibility.

Legal compliance audit

Understand the ADA and Section 508 legal requirements to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Assistive technology compatibility testing

Ensure that your product works with the tools and programs that people with disabilities use.

Accessibility Remediation

Areas covered:

Program Management

Strategic consultation to manage accessibility programs.

Staff augmentation

Accessibility staffing support for short or long term projects

QA, Usability & UAT Testing

Testing to ensure accessibility requirements, ease of use and correct implementation.

Accessible website development

Help to build a new website optimized for accessibility

Helpdesk support

Instant response to Section 508 compliance, accessibility development, and assistive technology questions during remediation.

Document accessibility

Remediation for PDF, Word and PowerPoint files to meet Section 508 and WCAG accessibility compliance.

Assistive technology compatibility testing

Testing the product with the tools that people with disabilities use.

We also help our clients to fill in the knowledge gap by providing
general guidance and customize training as per the need.

Some of Our Key Training Areas are

  • Accessibility 101
  • Section 508 compliance standards
  • W3C WCAG 2.0 guidelines
  • HTML5 & ARIA
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Software Accessibility
  • Accessibility for Agile Development
  • Word, InDesign, PowerPoint & Excel Accessibility
  • PDF Accessibility
  • Accessibility testing

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