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PureSoftware brings a holistic approach to early drug discovery transformation to capture end-to-end new value from digital.

Solutions to help enable continuous workflows, improve quality control efforts, and boost efficiency.

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Enabling the Lab of the Future

Early drug discovery is a very complex, time-consuming, and expensive process. Today, the scientific world needs to digitalize laboratory activities for acquiring, managing, storing, and securely sharing experimental data.

At PureSoftware, we help research centers and companies build the Lab of the Future through digitization. We help them switch from conventional to digital labs through cloud-based software solutions and tools.

Our solutions help organizations streamline the early drug discovery process from identifying the target and screening a set of compounds to finally discovering the candidate. It not only saves hours for R&D-driven companies but also delivers a high-quality research experience by accelerating laboratory workflow automation.


  • Web-based advanced registration product/system for seamless management of chemical registration and reagent databases.
  • Helps biologics discovery organizations easily register sequence-based, chemically modified, and structureless biological entities to ensure entity uniqueness and protect their intellectual property.
  • Easy management of biologics entities, including peptides, DNA, RNA, and proteins, conjugates, antibodies, non-natural peptides, and nucleotides, etc.,


  • Our innovative data management product captures and analyzes various screening experiments from high content (HCS) and high throughput (HTS) to dose-response and DMPK studies.
  • Get defined analysis protocols for both plate and non-plate-based assays.
  • Avail tailored assay protocols, curve fit calculations, plate readers, and plate layouts best suited for high data volume assays.
  • Manual and automated processing that allows scientists to apply screening protocols to process raw instruments faster and validate results or experiment creation and processing driven via an automation layer.


  • Our analysis-dedicated product Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) has flexible templating to capture, store and search experiments from all scientific disciplines.
  • Easily capture and store experiments and make them accessible and searchable for all team members.
  • Organizations can secure and audit IP and define signing workflows.
  • Multiple scientists can collaborate on experiments within or between organizations.

Workflow Support

  • Our workflow management product manages the requirement and assignment of laboratory tasks and keeps track of the progression of samples across multiple teams in-house and a collaborating network.
  • Define available services profoundly and create requests for services and submit compounds easily. Easily see request status and monitor compound or sample progression.

Report and Data & Documentation

  • Interactive data visualization and analysis solution for faster insight and decision-making.
  • Explore and understand complex and any size of data using our data manipulation, statistical analysis, and sophisticated plotting capabilities.
  • Collaborate on scientific analysis through shareable workspaces and reusable templates.
  • Experience ease with inbuilt data mining, statistical, cheminformatics and bioinformatics analysis functions. 

What makes us different

  • Dedicated Team We have a dedicated team of scientists and engineers with hands-on experience in laboratory informatics.
  • Intergrated Services We offer a fully integrated service package across the entire spectrum of the lab informatics landscape.
  • Streamlined Process We define, design, and deliver efficient lab processes powered by our end-to-end early drug discovery capabilities.
  • Latest Technology We enable digital transformation with our innovative ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) for pharma and other discovery programs.

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