Ego May not be a Dirty Word

November 6, 2017 | Published by

Ego is what you are, mentally as well as physically. Under certain situations you feel sad or happy, it’s your ego, which makes you feel so.

So what is ego?

Right is ego. Wrong is ego. To lie is ego. To be honest is ego. To be proud is ego. To be humble is ego. Kindness is ego. Cruelty is ego. You are ego. They are ego.

Ego is a perception of yourself, may be different from reality. “I know I may not be able to do it, but I will do it” – is an example how ego overcomes reality. 

How is Ego Developed?

You develop ego from the environment and circumstances that condition you to react and behave in a certain way. A kind mother, the jealous neighbor, learned teacher, helping boss; these all can contribute to building your ego.

You may achieve great success, in something you always thought was a difficult domain for you. The end result is, you develop an ego, that you can achieve “so-called” difficult targets. In the process, perceptions start becoming reality.

Why do people hate big ego guys?

Big Ego guys have big perceptions about themselves. They point out your weaknesses, lack of competency, will, dedication and much more. Humble guys don’t compete with you. You don’t see any danger or risks to your ego from them. So, you like them.

Why is ego important?

Essentially, big ego also develops high esteem in you. High esteem always makes you strive to win and be a champion. The desire to be a winner at all costs is a key that drives the champions. Without ego, you can be a competitor, not a winner. Your strong ego will make you do all that takes it to be a champion. Also, losing is damaging for ego.

It’s your ego that makes you change a shitty job that humiliates you.

Do we all have an ego?

Anyone who has a desire to be someone will have an ego. It’s the ego that is driving them. The ego of a spiritual leader drives them to spread their philosophies and increase followers.  If you find someone who always wishes to lose all the time, then you have found the person with no ego.

Are there pitfalls of Ego?

If you understand ego the right way, there are no pitfalls. Remember ego is not bragging, ego is not showing off, ego is not insulting others. All these are types of arrogance. But ego is the desire to win, never lose, and stretching yourself past the limits of your capability. Ego is pride.

But as ego is also the perception and not necessarily reality, it may not guarantee success. But surely, it will guide you stretch and achieve success.