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Enabling Innovations Led by Embedded Systems Solutions

The future of the businesses today is being governed by intelligent, compact systems utilizing the advances in the field of telecom, electronics, the Internet of Things, networking, robotics, and cognitive sciences. Enabled by the usage of cost-effective yet powerful compact devices having sensory abilities, embedded systems are making their presence in every walk of our life and every aspect of the business.

Our embedded systems solutions encompass a whole gamut of the cutting-edge tools & technologies, backed up by the expertise of a multi-disciplinary system & software engineering team that helps drive technological innovation in the field of embedded systems. We help you bring life to the devices by building a confluence of functional correctness, performance, fast connectivity, stability, storage, UX engineering, and our expertise across business verticals.

Our Services

Our services in embedded systems are designed to assist you along the complete lifecycle of your project. Right from the conceptualization of a product, a customer-centric design, embedded prototype, the architecture of the end-to-end embedded solutions utilizing the cutting-edge embedded technologies, and the complete delivery – our software and systems engineering services cover a complete spectrum of solutions and services, as represented below:

Why You Should Choose Us – Our Strength in Embedded Systems

Our team’s deep expertise in embedded system spans across the cornerstones of embedded system engineering.
These cornerstones of our capability are:

Development Capability in Embedded and IoT systems

Our development teams are proficient working on all the components of an embedded system, including but not limited to boot support packages, RTOS (Real-time Operating System), Wi-Fi, peripherals, secured storage, sensors, camera, drivers, audio/video, AM/FM etc.

World-class Test Labs Dedicated to Embedded Systems

Our state-of-the-art labs for embedded systems is a real differentiator that enables us to deliver the robust, well-tested and ready-to-market systems to our customers. This clearly reflects our strong focus on ‘total customer satisfaction’ by leaving no stones unturned when it comes to quality.

Test & Quality Engineering in Embedded Systems

Our expertise in embedded systems is backed up by our quality assurance expertise in embedded systems. We are capable of various kinds of tests, including Wi-Fi router testing, Lower Power RF Based Smart Grid Solution, BT-LE stack testing, NFC testing, LTE testing and many more. In addition, we employ automation using suitable tools wherever practical, in order to maximize efficiency and repeatability of success.

PC Companion Tools & Software

Along with an expert team, well-equipped labs, we benefit every project with our rich suite of the tools and utilities required to smoothen the development & testing process. These tools fall in various categories, such as UI design & prototyping, middleware, stacks & adoption development, OS porting, device drivers, BSPs, firmware, bootloaders, application development frameworks etc.

Industries We Serve

We continue to serve several industry verticals with our services in embedded systems engineering and software engineering. Whereas this is a clear testimony to our service excellence, it also means that we bring along immense vertical expertise that helps us serve you better and deliver every result par excellence. Few of the use-cases that we have worked on in various industry verticals are:

Medical Equipment

Medical diagnostic devices: ECG, EMG, MRI, EEG, CT scanner, BP Monitor, Glucose monitor, etc.

Office Automation

Copy Machine, Fax, modem, smartphone system, printer, and scanners.

Consumer Electronics

Washing machines, microwave appliances, security systems, dishwashers, DVD, HV and AC systems, etc.

Handheld Devices

Cellular phone, web camera, hub, router, IP Phone, Data organizer, smartphones, PDA, palmtop.

Industrial Automation

Voltage, temperature, current, and hazard detecting systems, data collection systems, assembly line, monitoring systems on pressure.

Auto & Aero-Telematics

Airbag systems, GPS, anti-locking brake system, fuel injection controller devices, Flight attitude controllers, space robotics, automatic landing systems, navigational systems, space explorer, etc.

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