Enhancement and Testing of Trade Valuation Application of a Financial Service Provider

December 4, 2020 | Published by


  • IHS is the product used for Post trade valuations by “buy side”  clients like big investment banks and other customers across Asia, Europe and US to check the current status of trades they bought. The existing product was unable to handle large portfolios and volumes of trades resulting in loss of business. The problem was compounded with lack of domain expertise within the existing team
  • Functional Testing of Outreach 360 :- MCPM (Master Counterparty Management ) and KYC are the existing applications created by the client to handle the terms and conditions, KYC , agreements between two bank partners. Now in addition to existing application they are adding Outreach 360 which will be used by its customers to generate the Disclosure , RFI agreements and get the response from their respective customers


  • PureSoftware team provided end-to-end delivery of services i.e. from design to deployment
  • In-house training of domain for team before onboarding at client location
  • High skilled team with expert knowledge of Java and financial domain was deployed
  • Team used innovative skills like reusability and refactoring to reduce development effort
  • Learning new technologies on demand to meet product goals.
  • Use of distributed technologies like Apache Ignite to handle huge volumes of data.
  • Other Technologies used : Java,  J2EE,  spring MVC, CXF, REST Services, AWS,  S3 store
  • Outreach 360 has been tested  using the  JIRA, ALM ,SQL , management studio and Oracle.


  • Improvement in design and processes were made faster
  • Product is scaled to handle 200% large volumes with increased performance with use of distributed caching
  • End user were able to perform more complex transactions related to earlier.
  • Latency time reduced by 50%
  • Suggested changes in application which were accepted and implemented by BA’s
  • Their productivity of testing increased by 30%
  • More than 50 defects being identified and retested  on regular basis.
  • Helped the client to meet the deadline for the critical project