Enhancement of Application for Better Customer Experience for a leading Telco in Sweden.

November 1, 2017 | Published by


  • Improve the customer experience in multiple areas
  • Improve the UI for a web based system to manage IP numbers
  • Modify a portal to make it work on a mobile platform
  • Create a chat application for easier interaction with employees
  • Create a phone number management systems to decide if the number is available for another user


  • Implemented new technologies for fast development, better performance and responsive UI.
  • Implemented better UI controls as per project requirements.
  • Created generic (/reusable) server side framework so that it can be reused in different projects and reduce development time and bugs
  • Deployed niche skills like AngularJS quickly


  • Improved customer experience by 30%
  • Responsive UI so that portal can be used on different clients (e.g. mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop etc)
  • Fast development because of reuse of generic components
  • Using tested usable components resulted in lesser bugs.