EQ – A Critical Ingredient for Success

October 11, 2016 | Published by

Always look for a right solution

Each problem statement has multiple solutions from lousy to perfect. Given the circumstances, resources and other constraints, there is always one optimal solution. Target this optimal solution and improve upon it. The targeting perfect solution may lead to lost opportunities and frustrations.

Leverage your strengths

Your strengths give you confidence. Work on identifying your strength areas and your weakness. Work in the areas of your strength, and compensate your weaknesses through right support system around you in the form of friends or co-workers.

Work for your goals

Define your long-term goals and targets. The goal definition must be based on what you wish to do in your lifetime. Once you have defined these goals, let them drive your life and career. This way they will also become motivators for you.  This will make you self-driven.

Be a Good Human Being

You should try to understand and sympathize with the problems of others around you. If possible help them the best ways you can. Always try to create a bond with people. People will help you if they think you can help them. Being a good human is being successful.

Move from failures

You can only learn from past mistakes and failures, so quickly learn from them and move forward. Living in your past mistakes will drag you to failures. Reinvent yourself after failures and be focused on current goals.

One goal at a time

You may have multiple long-term targets and goals. They could be interrelated too. Smartly focus on achieving the right goal, based on the principle that – “Each current goal should ease the path towards subsequent goal”.

Be Social

A person with high EQ mostly has an active social life. The social interactions recharge them and give fresh air to their thoughts. Through social interaction, you may find the relevant people or thoughts to fill in your path to success.

Learn to say NO

High EQ would mean your priorities/goals are clear and well defined. If anything interferes with your goals, say NO. You may also be diplomatic in saying NO, you need not be harsh.

Be ready to change

The path to success is full of stumbling blocks. Be ready to change the ways and means to achieve your goals. Focus on the final goals, be pragmatic to amend the ways. If you are not open to change, you may be creating a recipe for failure.

Be rational

We, humans, are emotional species. Most often emotions drive us towards unintended decisions. Evaluate your decisions rationally. Always be focusses on your end goal, let your end goal drive your decisions.