Flood Level Monitoring and Control Solution using IoT

August 28, 2020 | Published by


  • An IoT based solution was required to monitor the flood levels in river and receive data through an in-house simulator.


  • PureSoftware deployed a team of IoT solution experts who traveled for an on-site survey and carried out a feasibility study and analysis.
  • The team implemented sensors, IOT device and test servers (with analytics for a closed-loop functionality with the simulator).
  • The ultrasonic water-level sensor reported the water level.
  • The NB-IoT device updated the water level over the NB-IoT network to the Data Management server with a real-time LwM2M Notify option.
  • The water levels were noted and analyzed in real-time by the analytics component of the server, which sets-off alarms for automatic or manual intervention on decisions like open or close flood-gates.


  • Faster and effective decision making
  • Remotely acting upon the decisions
  • Significant prevention of floods