Gaming Technology Solutions

Global casino management system market is growing at a significant pace owing to increasing demand for gaming and higher acceptance of casinos. PureSoftware understands the requirement of external authorities and worldwide jurisdictions involved in the casino gaming industry where huge money is at stake. Integrity and transparency become the bottom line of each delivery. Our experience in casino gaming domain, graphics, networking protocols, jurisdictional knowledge and stronghold in all three technological dimensions, which includes web applications, desktop/embedded applications, and device drivers/customizing kernels makes us one of the finest in the casino gaming industry.

PureSoftware has partnered with the top solution providers to the Casinos and helped them build platforms and products for an end to end Casino management including Loyalty management, marketing, and promotions, POS integrations, customer service management, etc.

Our range of solution and services in this area includes:

  • Development of junket operator systems which can be integrated with the casino management systems. The multi-gaming platform caters in letting a player choose a game from a set of available games sitting at one location.
  • Integration of the multiple payment processing systems for the online casino business.
  • Development of state-of-the-art digital table games, reel power and line slot games on the EGMs, community gaming and online casino games on smartphones and tablets.
  • Complete end-to-end solutions from game development, platform development to compliance testing for various jurisdictions in the global market.
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