How we developed a centralized transparent window for a Leading Mobile Insurance company and achieved process tracking by 100%.

June 28, 2022 | Published by

Business Problem

A leading Mobile insurance company did not have a formal communication or a standardized workflow within the company for the entire process tracking of insurance claims. They were engaged in manual processes which consumed a considerable amount of time and resources and susceptible to errors, lack of control, cost ineffectiveness, Fraud, and leakages which often resulted in difficulties tracking the entire process. The company wanted a robust integrated workflow involving stakeholders like insurance companies, CRM integration, logistic Providers, and repair centers which would serve as a single transparent window.

PureSoftware Solution

The company engaged PureSoftware to standardize the process and build a single transparent platform connecting the internal and the external processes. The Client specified the following:

  • Develop a single, central and a transparent window integrating the Data from CRM, FOMCORE, stakeholders and Logistic Providers along with the Repair Centers through API integration.
  • This solution would also include device tracking with Real time updates.
  • Develop a claim Portal for end customers.


  • Process tracking improved at each step by 100%.
  • Real time communication with CRM, Logistics portal and Repairing Centre system through API integration was achieved.

Technology Stack

  • Java v1.8
  • Spring boot Framework v 2.0.2
  • JWT
  • SFL4J
  • Junit
  • Angular 4 with material Design, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery
  • PostGreSQL
  • Maven
  • Embedded TOM CAT