IoT based Luggage Location Identification and Notification

October 30, 2017 | Published by


  • Develop a solution using latest cutting-edge technologies to provide proactive alerts on location of the checked-in luggage at the airports
  • Loss of Luggage
  • Wrong Routing of Luggage
  • Chaos at Luggage Belts
  • Luggage Current Position

Our Solution

  • Used Azure cloud service. Used off-the-self available RFID device for quick solution. Devices can be added, removed and updated by Admin on cloud portal. Used secured transport communication. System will use multiple notification ways (e.g. SMS, Email, Webpage etc.) which can be configured by Admin


  • User get notification every time luggage is moved to different location. Save lot of time and resources
  • Luggage cannot be lost as its location is always known