IoT based Waste Management

October 31, 2017 | Published by


  • Timely collection of  Garbage from Bins deployed in a City
  • Tracking of Employees to perform their duty efficiently
  • Check on misuse of fuel provided for garbage collection trucks
  • Cut down unnecessary cost of existing system

Our Solution

  • 24x7x365 monitoring of the “Level” of the garbage Bin.
  • Thresh-Hold level for each bin, to trigger alarm whenever reached.
  • Efficient routes for Truck, avoid unnecessary trip and ensure no gaps in collection services
  • Mobile App for Truck drivers to checkout optimized route for collection
  • Dashboard to monitor, manage the overall system from anywhere, anytime.
  • Various kind of alerts via SMS, e-mails
  • Data statistics / analytics to further improve the system
  • Console interface for configuring the device
  • Technologies Used: Arduino Uno, GSM / GPRS module, Ultrasonic sensor, C, Java PHP, Microsoft Azure