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IoT Engineering Services – Gateway of a Connected World

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to billions of physical devices that are interconnected via the Internet and today, play an important role in transforming businesses. In order for your organization to benefit from IoT, you need engineering expertise in addition to a vision of your IoT-enabled future.

IoT Engineering Services at PureSoftware

PureSoftware is a leading provider of IoT Engineering services driving growth for our clients by empowering companies to design and deploy IoT solutions.  Some of the IoT engineering services at PureSoftware, include:

Embedded & Firmware engineering

Our embedded & firmware engineering teams leverage constituents of an embedded ecosystem, such as BSPs, RTOS, firmware, device drivers, Wi-Fi, LTE, secured storage, sensors, audio/video, routers, camera etc. in order to deliver the most robust and performant solutions in embedded systems. Availability of reusable components, PC companion tools, and the fully equipped embedded labs serve as our differentiators and help us build quality solutions with a reduced time & cost.

IoT Device Development

Our multi-disciplinary IoT team possesses expertise in design & development of the IoT devices. Utilizing the right combinations of electronic components, sensors, codified logic, and integration mechanisms, we develop devices having the right customer experience, connectivity, sensing capabilities and robustness.

Web Service API development

To enable fast and lightweight communication between the IoT devices and the back-end systems, we build Web service API’s using various protocols and standards. Few of these standards include HTTP/REST, MQTT, CoAP, SOAP, Web sockets etc, and are used based on the use-case under question.

IoT Platform Integration

Our expertise with API development, integration patterns, 3rd parties, and the participating platforms, enables us to perform the integrations required to build a complete IoT solution, advancing your IoT adoption journey. Examples of such integrations are OSS/BSS integration, CRM, ticketing system integration, SMS integration, Billing system integration etc.

PureSoftware End-to-End IoT Solution

PureSoftware has the required expertise to build a solution from scratch. Be it IOT Device with sensors based on use cases, cloud-based servers, or front-end UI development, PureSoftware has its footprint in all areas.

End-to-End IoT Solution

PureSoftware Expertise on IoT Use-cases

PureSoftware has been engaged with its customers to deliver End to end IoT solutions for their use-cases.

Our IoT devices can be connected over multiple communication media, such as GPRS and NB-IoT.  To Know more about PureSofwtare NB-IoT devices, please visit NB-IoT Solutions.  Our solutions are compatible with several industry verticals. We offer custom solutions for customer use-cases, Proof of concepts and proof of Architecture to address the challenges associated with the regular IoT landscape. For more information, please contact us here.

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