IoT Testing

IoT Testing to Ensure a Seamless Connectivity

From home appliances to electric switches, from vehicles to medical equipment, Internet of Things (IoT) allows the user to control every device remotely over a network. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), the world is becoming increasingly connected and a large number of IoT development companies are emerging. Quite naturally, the increasing demand for IoT development is expected to significantly increase the scope of IoT Testing as well.

As a user becomes accustomed to connected devices, he expects them to work flawlessly without any downtime. In the end, the companies that spend on getting quality testing services will survive the competition and emerge as the winner. With a diverse set of products entering the Internet of Things market, it has brought many new challenges in terms of IoT testing requirements. Quality Assurance team must follow the best test management strategy to be able to meet the quality standards and seamless functioning of these products. At PureSoftware, we have the required infrastructure, test lab setup, testing tools, and simulators to offer the most comprehensive yet affordable IoT Testing Services.

IoT Testing Services at PureSoftware

Data Testing

IoT is all about the exchange of data using wireless medium and sensors mandating the need for data integrity testing.

Authenticity Testing

With a large number of users relying on IoT devices for exchanging and storing data, security testing including user authentication, data privacy check, and encryption becomes crucial.

Usability Testing

It is crucial to ensure a seamless working and pleasant user experience. With a myriad of devices of different form, functions, and shapes being connected through IoT, usability testing becomes crucial.

Scalability Testing

Technology is of no use if it is not reliable or scalable. Therefore, at PureSoftware, we use a simulation of sensors to build a test environment and test reliability and scalability of the IoT development.

Compatibility Testing

These are tons of devices that can be connected using a multitude of sensors, platforms, or microchips. The possible combinations are huge. The key is to find the best compatibility and for that a compatibility testing involving an all-inclusive test matrix is vital.

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