L2 Application Support for Healthcare Products

November 3, 2017 | Published by


  • Provide L2 application support on Oracle products for Clinical Studies
  • Support on 7 products – Inform, ICDS, OCEAN, Publisher, IVRS, LNMT, UMT


  • Transition was done in 4 weeks on the products
  • Estimated a team of 6 persons who were cross-skilled across the 7 products.
  • SOPs set up from managing L2 support including co-ordination with L1 and L3 teams
  • ITIL Compliant processes established and team is ITIL certified as well
  • Established SLAs required for support


  • CSAT Scores were consistent and had a score of ~ 8.2 /10 on an average for the scores received for the last 4 quarters.
  • Meeting SLAs month on month
  • Improved Average Resolution Time for all the functional Areas over the months because of Process and Domain Knowledge gained
  • Month on month backlog of incidents reduced by 50%