We value partnering with life sciences organizations and develop technology-based solutions for them. The ways in which digital technologies can impact each stage of a patient’s preventive care, monitoring, and treatment can be seamlessly understood by rethinking a typical interaction between the patient and a healthcare provider.

We have been helping Life Science organizations streamline operations, create engaging experiences, and discover new opportunities through technology.

Our subject-matter experts build intelligence-driven digital automation powered by digital solutions such as Data Analytics, Cloud, RPA, IoT and AI.

Data Analytics
Internet of Things (IoT)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Reduced Manual Intervention

PureSoftware Robotic Process Automation (RPA) team has been helping companies leverage automation for patient matching to reduce the need for manual intervention during patient screening.

Decentralised Clinical Trials

Our Internet of Things (IoT) team enables Life Science companies to perform decentralised clinical trials involving IoT devices during these COVID times.

Real Time Access

PureSoftware AI and Blockchain powered data analytics solutions help pharma organizations to gain real-time access to relevant data from drug discovery to commercialisation.

Life Sciences Services & Solutions

Clinical Data

PureSoftware understands that the quality and integrity of the data are of primary importance.

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Clinical Data

Clinical Data Management is a critical phase in clinical research, and data integrity is of paramount importance.

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The complexities involved in regulatory safety reporting necessitates proficiency to ensure quick access to intelligent data.

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Infrastructure Management

PureSoftware offers a spectrum of integrating applications and infrastructure services tailored to meet client-specific needs.

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Our Digital Capabilities for Life Sciences

We value partnering with life sciences organizations and develop technology-based solutions for them.

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Why Choose PureSoftware?

  • Enhanced operational efficiencies which can be measured through metrics.
  • Realizable productivity enhancement through improved processes, and significant cost benefits.
  • Data Management (CDM) & Biostatistics Team working together for better synergies.
  • Full transparency in dealing and robust governance

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