Machine Learning

Machine Learning Solutions

Businesses today are able to collect massive volumes of information. In order to reap the value hidden in the gathered information, you need to enable Machines to analyze the Data Sets, make useful predictions, draw important patterns, learn and adjust iteratively to improve the predictions. Machine learning solutions offer ways, tools and algorithms, that drive the real business results having the potential to tremendously impact the future of your organization – Delivering Predictions with Great Accuracy and Speed.

PureSoftware’s Machine Learning solutions enable you to join and lead the organizations that breathe Innovation – leveraging the true potential of the information and putting at work the best talents, tools, algorithms, and keen business acumen to deliver the results that speak for themselves.

At PureSoftware, we utilize a comprehensive toolset backed up with the expertise of our team on various learning methods and algorithms – all tailored to deliver accurate, fast and business-oriented outcomes.

Machine Learning Methods

Supervised Learning

  • Involves identified inputs and outputs
  • Employs methods like classification, regression, prediction, and gradient boosting.

Semi-Supervised Learning

  • Involves the combination of labeled and unlabeled training data
  • Employs methods like classification, regression, prediction, and gradient boosting.

Unsupervised Learning

  • Involves data sets without historical data or the identified output
  • Employs methods/algorithms, such as self-organizing maps, k-nearest neighbor mapping, singular value decomposition, and k-means clustering.

Reinforcement Learning

  • Involves trial-and-error to find the most rewarding action
  • Employs methods, including the exploration / exploitation tradeoff, Markov Decision Processes (MDP), Q-learning, policy learning and deep reinforcement learning.

Machine Learning Algorithms We Employ

Our Machine Learning Approach

Data gathering from various sources
Data cleansing to achieve homogeneity
ML Algo selection and
Insights generation using obtained results
Visualization of the results for better interpretation
Recommendations and assistance with decision making

Industries We Cater

Financial Services

We use machine learning to derive key insights from the financial data in order to detect and prevent financial fraud. This technology finds its application not only in identifying investment and trade opportunities but also, it becomes a great tool for trading and risk management (TRM). It also identifies those individuals or institutions which are prone to financial risk and triggers necessary action on time.

Marketing & Sales

We help our clients with the analysis of the consumer data, understand the behavior patterns of the customers, ensure personalized customer experience, make the most accurate & personalized product recommendations. In addition, we help the marketing teams to maximize the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns by improving the target segment definitions and identifying their triggers.


It facilitates prediction of the best clinical advice for patients based on the insights generated from the patients’, drugs, trials, & other clinical information. It helps to understand the potential effectiveness of a drug during the trials, predict epidemic outbreaks and establish the government-level medical preparedness controls to fight wider emergencies.


We analyze the traffic data in order to predict potential problems on certain routes, utilize Game theory to identify the best alternate routes. For insurance service providers, it helps determine the optimum insurance rates based on the accident prediction probability. For the transport service providers, we help optimize the delivery times of their fleet to make their services more efficient and customer-centric.

Wave Wave

Our Machine Learning Toolset