Post Trade Valuations Product scaled to handle 200% large volumes for A UK Based Global Financial Information Provider

June 29, 2022 | Published by

Business Problem

The post trade valuation product which the big investment banks had access to could not handle large portfolios and trade volumes which resulted in business losses. There were flaws that needed to be addressed and tested on a regular basis to assure quick delivery and complex transactions could be handled by the technology. The lack of domain expertise on the team could not assist in identifying, solving, or scaling the product to handle big volumes and decrease latency time experienced by the users.

PureSoftware Solution

The company partnered with PureSoftware to design, develop and deploy a new application that generated disclosures, RFI agreements and integrated with the existing KYC application. PureSoftware trained their teams with the new technologies needed in the product design to deployment to meet the product goals. By rigorous testing and handling huge data volumes using Apache Ignite, the changes in the application were proposed and implemented, resulting in speed and scalability.


  • 50% Latency Time reduced
  • 30% Testing Productivity increased
  • 50+ Major Defects identified and retested on regular basis
  • Faster Delivery time helped client meet critical project deadline
  • Improved design & made processes faster
  • Product scaled to handle 200% large volumes using distributed caching
  • End users could perform more complex transactions

Technology Stack

  • Development Technologies: Java, J2EE, Spring MVC, CXF, REST services, AWS, S3 store.
  • Testing Technologies: JIRA, ALM, SQL, management studio and Oracle.