Arttha5G - Readying Businesses for the
Transmission Needs of Tomorrow

Arttha5G Product

The 5G technology is altering the DNA of digital experience. Arttha5G solution brings new opportunities to the table for businesses to innovate. The 5G solution is more than Speed; it’s an entire experience as it will do more than just lowering the latency.

The key objective of Arttha5G Solution is to ready businesses to take advantage of 5G use cases. We have an integrated tech ecosystem that gives businesses virtually seamless solutions.

Arttha5G Product offers reliable solutions that meet
Performance, Quality, Time to Market, Rapid Customization, and Support.

As a part of Arttha5G Solution, we offer 

  • Flexible business model
  • Build on industry-leading NXP chipset
  • End to End proven RU software solution
  • Support for FR1 and FR2(mmWave) option 7-2x
  • The FrontHaul supports eCPRI as per C-RAN standards
  • The LowPhy+DFE supports CFR, DPD and Beamforming
  • A framework to allow end-customer PA selection and integration to DPD

Together, we inspire innovation and advance the
age of Boundless Connectivity.

Smart City
Smart Home
Communication Infrastructure

Arttha5G Product – Key Differentiators

Arttha5G Solution is developed in association with NXP Semiconductors.

  • NXP wireless SoC solutions offer leading performance, power, and BOM efficiency, especially vs FPGA based solutions.
  • Highly scalable and flexible solution partitioned to adapt easily to your needs
  • Tremendous time to market acceleration and saves over 200+ man-months of development, testing, and integration.

Arttha5G Value Added Services

There are Dedicated Engineering Services teams for round the clock technical support, hyper-customization support, seamless integration support, and ongoing feature support, among others. We offer comprehensive 5G value-added offerings.

  • Development and integration of DPD algorithm and tuning for custom PA (Power Amplifiers) with DFE
  • Assistance in testing, analysis, and debug of 3GPP Radio conformance tests
  • Assistance in testing, debug and analysis for IoT (InterOperability Testing) between RU (FH+LowPhy+DFE with customer AFE+RF) and DU test equipment or commercial-DU as E2E testing
  • Software upgrade, new and custom feature development to DFE and FH, and annual maintenance support.
  • Feature offload from DU to RU
  • Massive MIMO

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