Accelerating digital transformation in Africa through technology adoption

Africa is one of the fastest-growing continents in digital space. With increased access to the internet, businesses in Africa are looking for more technology-led solutions to automate their processes and provide a differentiated customer experience. PureSoftware is a leading digital transformation solution provider with multiple offices across the globe, including Kenya, Africa.

With our 16+ years of experience and expertise in trailblazing technologies, we help businesses adapt to the new-age digital world including staff augmentation, hyper-automation, and digital transformation. With a rich portfolio of diverse clients working in different industry verticals, we aim to innovate and implement agile business models using the technology-driven approach and design smart solutions to build a better future.

According to research conducted in March 2021, around 65 percent of African businesses estimated the acceleration in their digital transition.

Approximately, 83 percent of respondents transformed to remote working and meetings.

By 2025, 5G technology is expected to occupy nearly 3% of the Sub-Saharan African market.


Enabling limitless connectivity and networking possibilities with Arttha5G and Nb-IoT

PureSoftware has been working with 5 of the Top 50 Fortune 500 telecom and semiconductor companies to build 5G networks, create an integrated environment using Internet of Things (IoT), establish a faster communication backbone, and deliver digital excellence for enhanced performance and business growth.

PureSoftware continues to add value to the Telecom industry with its next-gen products – Arttha5G and NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things).


Arttha5G is the industry’s best 5G RU solution powering mobile operators and vendors to deploy high-performance, virtualized, interoperable, and modular 5G networks at scale, making their cellular infrastructure more innovative and competitive.

Arttha5G brings superior value for ORAN-compliant Digital RF Front End solutions. With e-CPRI based front haul and easy third-party PA linearization, mobile operators across Africa can easily target rapid acceleration in time-to-market with industry-leading power and cost budgets.

Key Value Adds

  • Ease of programmability
  • Ultra-low latency
  • Lower power consumption
  • Faster speed
  • Greater load capacity


Nb-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) enables seamless IoT business transformation by overcoming the challenges of traditional IoT and allowing the delivery of error-free operations to the remotest areas. It also drives power efficiency, helps businesses interact with a cloud server in real-time. Organizations can easily access all the connected devices and control them via a single platform.

Key Value Adds

  • Error-free operations
  • Power efficiency
  • Security
  • Real-time data availability

Enabling next-gen technology transformation in banking and financial services
through Arttha

Digital transformation in the African BFSI sector is compelling banks and other financial institutions to leverage disruptive technologies and modernize their legacy systems. PureSoftware offers next-gen financial services and solutions in Africa through its flagship product Arttha.

Arttha- Unified Fintech Solution

Arttha is a unified fintech platform that enables banks and other financial institutions in Africa to accomplish their digital transformation journey and cater to the growing digital banking needs of customers. Arttha is an omnichannel cloud-first platform based on a completely modular and microservices architecture that automates complex banking operations allowing banks to offer seamless, real-time, and transparent services to their customers and accelerate financial inclusion.


Unlocking BFSI growth in Africa with powerful fintech capabilities

Financial institutions are the backbone of society, but they need to modernize continuously to stay relavant in the market. With constantly changing customer demands, shifting regulatory requirements, and increased cybersecurity risks, financial institutions seek help from modern technology, including artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and edge computing.

PureSoftware is one of Africa’s leading financial services and solutions providers and has helped myriads of financial institutions drive financial inclusion. We have assisted banks in modernizing their applications, leveraging AI, cloud technology, and automation. Our flagship product Arttha allows banks and financial institutions to rapidly develop omnichannel products and services and automate complex processes like customer onboarding, KYC verification, and loan management. Its Buy Now Pay Later platform allows banks and fintechs to offer instant small loans at the point of sale and deliver delightful customer experiences.

Digital Services

  • Analytics

    We help businesses leverage the full potential of structured and unstructured data to gain better insights.


  • Mobility

    Our advanced enterprise mobility solutions help organizations stay relevant and succeed in this new-age digital era.


  • Cloud

    We help businesses build, plan, migrate and manage complex cloud infrastructure resulting in increased business value and agility.


  • Managed Cloud

    Our tailored hybrid cloud services help businesses evolve and modernize their IT operations.


  • Internet of Things

    We help organizations automate their business operations by leveraging the power of an integrated environment.


  • AI & ML

    Our smart AI and ML based solutions help businesses rethink their workflows and transform the way they work.


  • RPA

    We offer end-to-end RPA solutions to help businesses automate their operations and discover new business opportunities.


  • Digital Accessibility

    Our comprehensive suite of digital accessibility services helps make the world more inclusive and accessible for people with disabilities.


Unleashing the power of digital innovation in Africa

Creating new opportunities for Businesses in Africa with Digital Innovation

With our customer-centric approach, we aim to empower organizations in Africa looking to automate their business processes and enable innovative digital ecosystems by leveraging API-driven digital opportunities to make a critical difference.

Digital Innovation

Leveraging the power of new-age technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, and the Internet of Things, PureSoftware strives to help businesses in Africa with digital innovation and empower them to be future-ready.

Digital Engineering

With over a decade-long experience in providing robust engineering services, our engineers endeavor to design and develop solutions attuned to both your present and future needs and help businesses achieve proficiency and efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility

We have helped myriads of businesses in Africa to overcome their enterprise mobility challenges and create smart and innovative applications with robust backend to offer a differentiated customer experience.

Transforming African banking landscape with the power of digital technology

The African banking landscape has come a long way. Banks now follow the modern approach and look for fintech solutions that can automate their backend process and help them provide a delightful customer experience.

Banks in East Africa projected an increase in the use of digital channels by customers. Over 60 percent of representatives of the banking industry expected that more than 75 percent of customer transactions would be conducted through digital channels. -Statista

PureSoftware has worked with some of the leading banks in Africa and accelerated their digital transformation journey. Arttha, a unified fintech platform, offers smart and innovatory digital solutions and has helped the leading African banks simplify their lending processes. Arttha offers endless opportunities to reinvent the digital banking space and automate the traditional banking systems, including loan management, digital banking, agent banking, and digital wallets and payments.

Case Studies