PureSoftware wins ‘Technoviti Awards’

January 25, 2016 | Published by

PureSoftware, a leading software consulting and IT services company, today announced that it has been recognized with the Technoviti 2017 Award by Banking Frontiers. PureSoftware was recognized for Key Innovations in the Fintech Space.

The award for key innovations in the Fintech Space is given to the company that has done key innovation, investments significantly in R&D, and committed to advancing the industry.

PureSoftware had nominated its flagship product ‘Arttha’ which is an innovative platform for digital payments and digital banking. PureSoftware showcased the work it is successfully doing in Nepal with ‘Arttha’

Tushar Bhatkar, Chief Technology Officer, PureSoftware said, “Winning Technoviti Award for our banking platform, Arttha, validates our commitment toward enabling digitally powered banking for our customers.”

There were close to 30 nominations and after two rounds of evaluation, judged by an eminent jury of 15 bankers, Arttha was chosen as one of the key innovations in the Fintech space.

Sameer Jain, Chief Business Officer, PureSoftware said, “It is an indeed an honor to win a Technoviti Award for Key Innovation as this award recognizes our focus and approach to help our partners, customer and end users to become strategically empowered to address volatile business landscape especially in banking and financial sector.”

Technoviti as a platform helps the BFSI fraternity to understand the technology innovation that can be the game changer and at the same time give the innovators a platform to share their innovations with the technology buyers who make the difference.

“This win is a testament to our professionalism, focus, capabilities, and knowledge we have had in banking and financial domain in helping our customers to achieve success in meeting business outcomes,” said Anil Baid, President, and CSO, PureSoftware. “We will continue to invest in next-generation digital banking to enhance business operations and deliver desired outcomes. This award reaffirms quality of the PureSoftware solution, our skill, and experience to understand the business gaps and develop a technology solution to meet ongoing requirements for providing business services. Moreover, it demonstrates our commitment to our vision to provide innovative solutions and remain relevant in dynamic business environment”.

These awards are organized by Banking Frontiers, a premier publication, for the Banking Sector. TECHNOVITI 2017 is the only platform to showcase promising innovations that remain hidden for various reasons or technologies that can help implement disruptive strategies. This is an annual event and this year it was hosted in Mumbai.

The event is attended by CIOs & CTOs from the banking and financial services Sector, Heads of Sales & Marketing of technology companies, Heads of Research, Innovations & Technology in the IT sector, IT companies providing services to the BFSI sector, Business Heads across Retail, Alternate Channels, HR, Heads of Financial Inclusion, Rural Banking, and SMEs.

About PureSoftware

PureSoftware is a software product and services company that  focuses on driving a differentiated customer experience, accelerating cycle time and improving business outcomes through an integration of digital solutions, robotic automation and non-linear commercial models. PureSoftware provides value driven services and solutions to its customers by leveraging its offerings in Digital, Product Engineering and Application Development and Management.These services are applicable across industries including Telecom, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Hi-Tech, Gaming, etc. Our flagship product ‘arttha’ is one of the fastest growing financial technology platform. It helps businesses embrace digital solutions in the areas of financial services, mobile banking, agency/ branchless banking, microfinance, insurance, payments, and payments aggregation. Arttha has been adopted by more than 50 banks & financial institutions, and four mobile operators, in the last three years.

Through our customer centric and collaborative approach, we have been able to create engagement models that delivers cost and time reduction in projects while maintaining the highest software engineering quality and standards. We provide our clients with a unique multi-point engagement model, which enables faster and more meaningful communications between various functional teams involved in the project. Our innovation driven development approach and thought leadership in various domains gives us an edge over our competition.