Business Problem

Our client was struggling to make around 2 million PDF documents digitally accessible. These documents were in multiple languages and belonged to various domains like finance, health care, research, books, magazines, and manuals. The client wanted to check these documents for errors and make them accessible for everyone who visits their website.

Business Analysis

PureSoftware digital accessibility experts connected with the client to understand their requirements and thoroughly analyzed the entire situation. Our team found that the client wanted to remediate their pdf documents, written in multiple languages for various domains. A comprehensive study of the client’s situation helped us develop a tailor-made approach.

PureSoftware Solution

We formed a team of digital accessibility experts, trained native speakers for different languages, different domain knowledge holders, remediation experts, and verification experts. We created an automated solution to make the client’s more than 2 million PDF documents digitally accessible despite being in different languages. Our validation team worked 3 shifts a day to ensure that all the documents passed our 3-level quality checks for optimal results.


PureSoftware’s end-to-end digital accessibility team delighted the client with:

A Low-cost


Excellent service and response time

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