Business Problem

Our client wanted a solution that can provide them with 200K digitally accessible, error-free, and high-quality scanned forms of various government departments, in the PDF format, with multiple fields to be remediated.

Business Analysis

PureSoftware analyzed the client’s situation and requirements to find a perfect solution. Our team analyzed the scanned PDF forms of various government departments to identify the right tools for the required remediation. Our quality assurance and language experts analyzed the requirements to provide optimized results.

PureSoftware Solution

After analyzing the situation thoroughly, our team identified the best OCR tools that would work perfectly to meet the client’s requirements. Before delivering the project, we got all the forms run through our language specialists to ensure that the forms had no grammatical mistakes and font-related issues. They helped us provide the client with grammatically correct and properly aligned forms with no font-related issues regardless of volume, form length, or complexity.


We leveraged the most relevant and latest technology-based OCR tools, which helped us delight the client with:

200K thoroughly scanned and digitally accessible PDF forms



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