RPA In Retail

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for the Retail Industry

Automation promises 98% accuracy rate in retail product categorization and reduces human effort by 80%.

The retail sector is maturing at a fast pace, with retailers shifting their focus to investing in promising technologies to accelerate certain repetitive tasks. This industry is undergoing a monumental transformation whether online or bricks and mortar.

The highly competitive retail market place with razor-thin margins and increasing price war are constantly hard-pressing retailers to deliver better. It has become critical for retailers to access where efficiencies can be made. They are required to determine how technology can be incremented to deliver a compelling proposition to customer experience and operational improvement.  To run efficient and error-free operations, the retail industry goliaths are increasingly integrating disruptive technologies, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA). RPA is receiving huge traction from retailers as it can be applied in various structured, rule-based, and repetitive tasks.

Automation promises a 98% accuracy rate in retail product categorization while reducing human effort by 80%. RPA is enabling retailers to automate repetitive, mundane activities, accelerate workflows, and optimize overall costs. It has emerged as a true game-changer for the retail industry and is helping retailers stay optimized, effective, and relevant.

Top Benefits of RPA in Retail

The benefits of RPA extend beyond usual cost reduction and amplified productivity. It can address various critical industry-specific issues, and help retailers organize complex organizational tasks, like compliance and audit regulation. Once these activities are automated, employees can focus more on complex and strategic roles.

Automated Inventory Management

RPA enables retailers to automate monotonous processes, such as invoice creation, stock in/stock out transaction management, etc. It allows seamless and precise data transfer between diverse systems. Bots can predict future requirements based on past sales, patterns, and trends, and enable the retailers to improve the procurement process, reduce costs and wastage. PureSoftware’s Retail-focused RPA solutions enable retailers to automate their inventory and utilize human assets for more valuable tasks.

Improved Decision Making

RPA delivers remarkable efficiencies in critical tasks of data collection and decision making. Previously, retailers relied on manually collected data. Now they are adopting RPA that makes the entire process of data transfer seamless and allows employees to focus more on analysis, thereby, resulting in more informed decisions. PureSoftware’s extensive RPA services and solutions for retailers can help them make informed decisions based on actionable insights.

Employee On-boarding

RPA can streamline the entire employee on-boarding process that includes entering employee details in different systems, screening resumes, giving respective access and enrollment for training. RPA can equip retailers to predict the likelihood of employee resignation and retention. With PureSoftware’s RPA services for retail, retailers streamline the entire process of the employee on-boarding process and save time for other valuable tasks.

Efficient Customer Support

RPA can help retailers automate time-consuming and resource-heavy customer support activities, such as loyalty scheme management and complaint handling. RPA enables businesses address customer complaints quickly and effectively, whilst turning resentful customers into brand advocates, thereby, enhancing customer loyalty. With PureSoftware’s RPA-based solutions for the retail sector, retailers can nurture their customer relations better and build a strong brand reputation.

How PureSoftware’s RPA Services Deliver Value to the Retail Industry?

PureSoftware’s gamut of RPA services for retail delivers value by aiding the cost- effectiveness and optimization of business processes. Retailers are heavily leveraging RPA services and solutions to enhance efficiency, drive cost reduction, compliance and deploy employees on high-priority tasks. PureSoftware offers end-to-end RPA services for retail and takes care of functional as well as technical aspects while promising a high business value impact.

PureSoftware’s Retail-focused RPA services enable retailers to

  • Make their customer support more convenient and quicker.
  • Enhance customer relations and improve loyalty.
  • Manage new and existing listings as well.
  • Monitor sales orders and inventory regularly.

What We Do

We Strategize

We assist retailers in creating a strategy best suitable for their requirements and an actionable roadmap. We help them choose the right RPA tool, ROI models, and productivity metrics.

We Implement

We help retailers successfully implement RPA after identifying the processes that are most viable for them. We narrow down the processes after assessing their overall impact on the retailer.

We Continually Manage Services

We monitor, tune and optimize the RPA execution continuously and manage RPA infrastructure as well. We provide services before you know you need them.