Test Automation for a Global Product Company


  • Develop automation system for product to shorten test cycles.
  • Identify and automate the manual scripts for regression.
  • Different branches for Japan (J) and English (E) markets required to be automated in the same suite.
  • Large set of manual test cases identified for automation.
  • Client’s choice of Automation Tool had some inherent limitations


  • PureSoftware provided domain and product knowledge (Argus Safety) trainings to Automation team
  • We identified the limitations of current automation tool and overcome that by evolving the automation framework to leverage the shortfalls.
  • Selected module wise manual scripts for automation purpose
  • Identified Java related test cases and merge the code for both English and Japanese version.
  • Held regular meetings after every Sprint to improve the processes and skills
  • Categorization of the test cases and features according to modules in Safety Product


  • Quick Identification of features updates in both English/Japanese versions
  • Short test cycles of Safety Product modules with the help of automation
  • Continuous evolution of automation framework with incremental feature additions after each script to ensure maximum coverage of the functional points

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