Test Automation for Adobe Runtime and Distribution

November 3, 2017 | Published by


  • Develop an automation frame work for web application and token generator.
  • The automation framework to be used to automate a large number of manual test cases
  • Each product is required to support 19 locales (4 products * 19 = 76 locales).
  • Supports for all OS and browsers required
  • Token generator for each installer involves web service testing.


  • Identifying Automatable test cases.
  • Identifying Automation Tool (Selenium – java) which supports testing of web application and tokenization on different OS and browsers.
  • Developing Internationalization automation test suite that supports all 76 locales.
  • Developing test Scripts to handle tokenization for all installers using different API’s.
  • Identifying different tools to test web service.
  • Effective communications across different teams so that all are in sync
  • Hold regular Daily Standups and Sprint meetings to focus on any impediments.
  • Prepare Test plan and Test case document as per BRD.
  • Automation Framework developed to support cross browser testing.
  • Automation suite executed in Each releases for regression and smoke testing to reduce manual effort.
  • SOAP UI Tool to test web service avoided repetitive testing.
  • Identified API’s which supports automating tokenization.


  • Agile methodology made the project team stay focussed on time and quality
  • Identifying Open source tool for Automation to reduce software licence costs